Staying home for the weekends? Why not party with this 3-in-1 promotional bottle opener! This promotional product is the perfect gift for party-goers and also, people who are seeking for a product that can improve their way of living. Besides being a custom bottle opener, it is also a ring-pull opener for canned drinks and a can opener. This tool will certainly prove handy when opening a bottle of beer.

Promotional Bottle Opener

Promotional Bottle Opener

The product comes in 2 designs – yellow for the one who likes warm and bright colours and grey for those who prefer a clean and simple style.

Promotional Bottle Opener

Promotional Bottle Opener

Moreover, the opener is magnetic so it can be used as a decoration on the refrigerator! So consumers do not have to worry about losing this small item!

This 3-in-1 opener is also ideal for beer promotions because it correlates with liquor drinks. Being multifunctional, cooking enthusiasts and foodies will definitely find this item handy. Simple and practical, market it together with promotional kitchen products for an effective kitchen promotions!

Promotional Bottle Opener

Promotional Bottle Opener

So Why Should Brands Consider Promotional Bottle Opener As An Option For Marketing Giveaway?

  • Higher Perceived Value – Similar to the 3-in-1 branded alarm clock, the opener has many functionalities so customers will get more value for money compared to an item of only one functionality. Moreover, this item is unique and can easily be branded with logos too. This could result to better brand recognition and improved brand image. In a way, the company helps to enhance the everyday life of consumers.
  • Customizability – It also acts as a Fridge magnet bottle opener! Customizong the product will gain your brand higher competitive advantage over others. Unique and visually appealing, it will certainly gain the attention of many users and ultimately increase profit.
  • Practicality – Nowadays, people put more attention to the ease of use of a product. Also, they care how it can bring convenience to one’s life. With continuous innovation, brands should generate more ideas to increase practicality and utility of the product. Therefore, brands can consider a customized keychain version of the bottle opener or even come up with a badge version to hang or pin on bags!

Other Possible Suggestions

  • iPhone Cover Bottle Opener – This design will allow for more convenience as one do not need to bring an opener wherever one goes. Hence, the practicality of the product design will be desired and valued by many consumers.
  • Sandals Bottle Opener –  This is a great summer promotional item as people will head down to the beach to bask in the warm light! While enjoying the summer vibes, a bottle of beer will definitely be in their hands. Therefore, this 2-in-1 idea is suitable for the occasion.

Overall, inspiration can be derived from anywhere. To offer consumers with the most appropriate products, brands have to think about what they customers need and and gather feedback.

At ODM, we have vast experience in the industry, specializing in product designing and manufacturing high-quality promotional products, packaging, and POS display units. We can also provide you with design services as our dedicated team of product designers at Mindsparkz will certainly help you with product brainstorming session. Feel free to send us an inquiry today!

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