In today’s social media obsessed world, we are always snapping photos. So what better custom giveaway ideas than phone accessories? Give away one of this premium selfie ring light and help everyone take the perfect, well-lit selfie!

They are easy to use, cheap and perfect for any event. Add your logo on the selfie ring light for brand awareness at trade shows, conventions and big events. You can even run a campaign using them by asking your online audience to take a selfie, use your official hashtag, and earn a chance to win more prizes.

What Makes Premium Selfie Ring Light An Attractive Promo Gift?

  • Multiple Functions: Besides selfie LED light, this selfie ring light can be used as hand-torch, emergency light, fun light, slow swing light in musical party or public vocal concert! Personalized promotional & marketing gift items that are also multi-functional are always highly appreciated by customers.
  • Universal Application: This selfie ring light is compatible for all types of phones, pads, and any electronics. This means wider market reach! Go all out with your marketing giveaway and possibly reap higher marketing ROI.
  • Convenient: Comes with a clip, you can clip this selfie ring light anywhere. Moreover, it is compact and portable. This makes bringing them out conveniently for any occasions! This also means high usage of your logo-printed selfie ring lights by customers thereby boosting brand visibility for your company.


Where Can You Use Premium Selfie Ring Light?

Firstly, you can offer them as on pack promotions and reward customers with practical on pack offer.

For instance, Oreo has tapped on the smartphone trend and offered phone ring as on pack gift in their promotional campaign!


Alternatively, you can also use them as a purchase with purchase offer.

Below is an example of how a store in Changi Airport Singapore offer branded phone accessories to boost both sales and brand awareness without forking too much marketing budget.


Besides, they can be premium corporate gift for your corporate giveaways.

Read on to learn about offering phone accessories as corporate gifts to reward your employees.


Overall, phone accessories like our premium selfie ring light are ideal promotional giveaway products in our digitalised world today. So, get your Selfie Ring Light today by sending us an inquiry with product code 2397 to start taking the perfect photos!

At ODM, we specialize in product designing and manufacturing high-quality promotional products, packaging, and POS display units. You can be sure of satisfactory service and products!

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