Stuck for holiday marketing ideas? This unique store drinks display is currently located outside the Hutaoli bar and restaurant at a shopping centre in Zhuhai, China. The display does a great job of promoting the range of wines sold here.

Store Drinks Display
Store Drinks Display

What makes this store drinks display stand out?

Universal: The Christmas tree is a globally recognized symbol. Even in countries where the holiday is not celebrated, people know one when they see it.

Well-designed: A metal frame keeps the bottles in place. At the same time, each layer has a strip of LED lights underneath which illuminate the product. The green shade of a wine bottle, especially when lit from below, truly resembles a Christmas tree. The bottom layer even looks like it is hovering above the ground.

Unique: The circular arrangement of the lights creates an interesting shape which adds interest to the design. This also ensures that the store drinks display will be just as eye-catching at night – if not more so.

Focused: This tree features many different wine brands. This emphasizes Hutaoli’s clearly well-stocked bar instead of one specific brand.

Simple: It was wise not to decorate the “tree” with tinsel or baubles as this would have detracted from the simplicity of the store drinks display. Just the combination of the green bottles and lighting – not to mention the star on top – instantly get shoppers thinking about Christmas.

Cohesive: This is minor and probably unintentional but the red barrier rope matches the Christmas theme perfectly and complements the green bottles. This shows how seemingly minor details can be important in creating a polished overall look.

Sturdy: The majority of premium displays can be made from cardboard while still looking great and serving their purpose. This store drinks display is an exception. The potential risk that broken bottles pose to shoppers outweighs the benefits of using cheap materials. This display was likely made using a sheet metal forming technique, ensuring that everything stays in place.

Store Drinks Display
Store Drinks Display

This display isn’t just captivating – it’s practical too:

Reusable: I predict that these bottles will most likely be returned to the respective wine brands after the holiday period. Each bottle is sealed and in as new condition, so can suitably store wine inside. This makes it even cheaper for brands to engage with Hutaoli’s POS display.

Worthwhile: This premium holiday pos display involves some investment on Hutaoli’s part. However, this is evidently worthwhile. It is unclear how Hutaoli sourced these bottles. However, after the success of this display I believe that, in the future, many wine brands would be happy to supply empty bottles with the knowledge that their product will be showcased in this way.

Easy to pack up: The display is very large. This can be daunting when it comes time to consider storage. However, once the bottles are removed this store drinks display can easily be packed away. Each layer of steel framing & lights can be dismantled and will fit in a flat box.

Reusable: The display can also be used in years to come due to the high-quality of materials and ease of storage. Here’s an idea: consider customizing the wine bottle display each year so customers always have something to look forward to – this will fast become a valued tradition which increases the loyalty and relationship between customers and your brand. Hutaoli could even stage an unveiling event to show the tree’s new design.

Store Drinks Display
Store Drinks Display

There are many different restaurants and bars in the mall we spotted this store drinks display in. This merchandise display stands out, encouraging shoppers to take pictures and visit the restaurant it has been placed outside.

Celebrate with your customers this holiday season by investing in a festive store drinks display. ODM have experience in developing high-quality POS and storefront displays. Speak with us today!

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