Vietnam’s Hong Hanh’s fish sauce is offering a custom plastic container as a gift with purchase. The white plastic on pack gift box is a functional add-on for customers- useful for preparing and cooking their meals in the kitchen.

Gifts with purchase is a way to entice potential and existing customers to purchase your products. These gifts are usually limited and only run throughout a limited period causing the customer to react and purchase. Therefore, this increases sales as it leads shopper to buy.


On-pack gift box
On-pack gift box with fish sauce purchase.

Features of on pack gift boxes

On-pack gift box.
  • It’s packaged in a plastic that allows it for easy transportation and conditioning.
  • The container is made of plastics with a white color and a clear plastic lid with the brand logo printed.

Advantages of a complimentary gift with purchase

  • Increases Sales– By offering additional value with the plastic container, customers have more incentive to buy the product. In turn, it will drive up sales figures.
  • Provides More Value for Money– The customer gets a container useful for the kitchen! The food prepared with the sauce can be stored in this container, giving customer additional value. It shows that the company wants them to use their branded promotional products in the kitchen. Taping and wrapping the branded gift with purchase on the bottle is a widely used technique. Take a look at this example from a sauce brand in Thailand:

The brand’s promotional kitchen utensils served as bottle neck gifts for shoppers. And the novelty helped differentiate the brand from the rest.

Here’s another interesting example we found sometime ago in a Thailand grocery store. The addition of promotional sauce bowl helped the brand gain massive sales!

  • Increase brand presence -It features the company’s logo for increased brand presence. More people will see the design, putting the brand on top of mind the next time they shop.
    The design, reliability and practicality of the product will spark word-of-mouth for the company.
  • Attracts customer loyalty– By giving out a gift to the customer it provides an additional purchasing experience shows that you care about the customer. They will most likely respond by being more loyal to your brand.
  • Easy to produce– It uses a manufacturing technique called plastic blow molding that makes it easy to produce. This product used plastic blow molding technique to achieve its shape.


Plastic blow molding

Advantages of Plastic Blow Moulding

  • This manufacturing technique is a lost cost solution. This is suitable for this plastic container where the company made a few 1000 to include as gifts to customers.
  • This method allows for rapid production. In terms of cost and speed, this is an efficient method because factories can produce approximately 500 units a machine per hour.
  • Plastic Blow molding is good for simple hollow shapes like these containers. It does not have complex designs like curves and angles that are more suited to other manufacturing types.


In conclusion, Hong Hanh’s gives a unique gift with their fish sauce. Rather than an ordinary gift, this gift will make customers feel special, with an additional container for the kitchen.

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Other ways plastic container can be used.

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