Custom Plastic Containers To Show Appreciation For Employees

To encourage employees to go eco-friendly with their lunch boxes, companies can now gift them with custom plastic containers! These products will no doubt come in handy as employees can store dried food, wet food, lunch, dinner – basically anything they want. To add variety and more options, a promotional water bottle and metal straws can be added to the employee gift pack.


custom plastic containers

custom plastic containers

Other than your typical transparent lid, companies can gift them with a blue covered lid instead! People often associate blue with the tranquillity so employees will surely feel a wave of comfort during periods of pressure faced in work.

custom plastic containers

custom plastic containers

Meanwhile, the colour pink accentuates feminity and colour of universal love of oneself and others. It is also fully opaque so people would not judge whatever you bring. This is surely a way to protect an employee’s privacy!

custom plastic containers

custom plastic containers

Why Are Custom Plastic Containers Suitable As Promotional Giveaway Item?

  • Customisable – Companies can easily customize the containers by adding their logo. This makes it more personal and special for employees. Moreover, employees will be the only ones having such design that showcase company culture. Therefore, employees will certainly feel that their accomplishments are acknowledged.
  • Practicality – There will always be a need for containers as it has high functionality. To further heighten the perceived value of the product, companies can learn from this custom water bottle phone holder or pill box water bottle blogs. Also, including a high-quality cutlery set will show how thought was put into this gift.
  • Easy to Produce – Containers are a common household item and can certainly be produced by factories. Moreover, plastic is a relatively cheap material to procure. Thus, to make it visually appealing, more resources can be put on diversifying the design and appearance of containers.


Overall, showing appreciation for your employees is important. Rather than any ordinary gift, unique employee gifts will certainly show how appreciative the companies are. At ODM, we can create custom made items to your requirements! With a dedicated team of designers at Mindsparkz to brainstorm, we can come up with satisfactory results. Moreover, we have tremendous experience in manufacturing marketing giftscustom POP displays, and high-quality promotional products for your next marketing campaign.

To get a quote for this item, reference product code 2362 for the transparent container with blue lid and 2302 for the pink one. Send in an inquiry today!


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