Nutella is offering free food containers with purchase of their popular hazelnut spread in Vietnam. Practical and durable, Nutella’s custom food storage containers are something shoppers would want to get as an incentive.

Promotional Food Containers

Promotional Food Containers

Using the food container as a gift with purchase gives customers more reasons to buy from them. This is because freebies and customer giveaways serve as an effective motivator for shoppers. Free merchandise at no additional cost look very appealing to consumers as this allows them to save more. This is why we believe Nutella’s promotion is a great example of an effective gift with purchase marketing.


Why We Love Nutella’s GWP Custom Food Storage Containers

Use of a Mounted Display Rack

Nutella’s custom food storage containers are stacked neatly in a mounted POS display. Doing so helped distinguish their promotional products from their regular price items. Furthermore, as it juts out from the shelf, it’s prominent and easy to spot. Customers will have no problem locating the products. It also allows them to easily get and return the items.

Promotional Food Containers

Promotional Food Containers



These custom food storage containers are sturdy so they can be reused for years. With a reusable food container, customers need not buy new containers each time. They can use them to keep leftover foods, candies, sandwich, or as a lunch box.

Positive Word of Mouth

When customers are delighted by their purchase, they recommend it to their friends. A GWP food storage container would attract a wider range of audience because it is something that customers can use every day. With this, Nutella was able to inspire positive word of mouth, which, in turn, could increase sales.

Staying Power

Food storage containers and lunch boxes are always in demand, thus, Nutella’s gift with purchase will surely be used by their target market.

Budget Friendly

Offering a buy 1 get 1 is a clever way to increase sales and help customers save more. In this case, Nutella is offering a buy 1 get a free item for the price of one. When bought separately, the products may cost more than the price of Nutella’s gift with purchase promotion. Thus, customers will want to buy from them because they will perceive this as an affordable deal. Moreover, they might buy more than they need because of the free items.

Customer Loyalty

Free gift promotions are a way for companies to show their appreciation towards their customers. As a result, customers are more inclined to give back to companies that offer customer giveaways and gifts.

Complements the Main Selling Item

The food storage boxes perfectly complement the main product. They are items normally used during breakfast. Having these items together effectively reminds one to not skip breakfast and to eat healthy. With this gift on the table, kids will never forget to pack their school snack.


Simple, yet effective… Nutella’s practical gifts appeal to many shoppers because of its practical value, durability, and functionality. This means consumers will get more value for their money. But how can this promotion be improved? Aside from food storage boxes, you can also add promotional cutlery sets or drinking cups, mugs for a breakfast gift set that families would love!

So, if you are keen to customize your own marketing giveaways do not hesitate to get in touch with The ODM Group. Our team will assist you with designing and sourcing of custom promotional merchandise for business.

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