We have recently spotted an amazing gift with purchase promotion by Kellogg’s at BhatBhateni supermarket in Kathmandu, Nepal. The product comes in a free container, reusable and branded. Offering this type of gift can impressively strengthen the customer-brand relationship, let’s discover why Kellogg’s branded food storage containers are so effective!

Branded food storage containers

Branded food storage containers


Branded food storage container to Strengthen Customer-Brand Relationship

Companies are constantly looking for innovative and effective manners to engage potential consumers or current customers with their brands and to build long-lasting customer-brand relationships. Branded Gift With Purchase promotions has always been very good strategies to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. But with this special promotion of branded food storage containers, we can now safely infer that it can impressively strengthen the customer-brand relationship.

Several studies show that consumers spend 63% more for a gift with purchase promotion. Moreover, the purchase frequency of consumers increases to 25% and somehow engage more through cross-buying. However, branded gifts have to be very well-designed and useful for consumers, it also has to meet consumer’s needs. Take for example Kellogg’s promotional food containers.

Branded food storage containers

Branded food storage containers

Kellogg’s branded food storage container is absolutely useful because customers can reuse it. They can store cereals or whatever product in it.

We can also see the logo on the red lid and a promotional flyer inside the container to visually attract consumers. Moreover, it’s branded, so it increases brand exposure. As a result, customers feel satisfied with their purchase. When customers are happy and satisfied, they are more likely to show give back by choosing their products over others. Therefore, this simple branded food container can indirectly influence the strength of the brand’s connection with consumers.

Finally, a GWP offer can have a lot of advantages and a positive impact on customers’ buying behaviors.

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