Taikoo Sugar is a popular sweet treat in Hong Kong. The brand is currently offering an in-pack gift with the purchase of their Golden Syrup. How can customers obtain this gift? Buy a bottle of Taikoo Golden Syrup and get a free bag clip with logo.

Bag Clip with Logo

Bag Clip with Logo

We love that they are offering a promotional kitchen product that can be used every day. Customers can use it to seal bags of chips and plastic packaging of powdered products.

The clip is branded so it effectively enhances top-of-mind awareness. It comes in a red hue which made the logo pops out. But why do we find this promotional giveaway a great marketing idea?


Why Taikoo Bag Clip with Logo is a Great On-Pack Marketing Gift Idea

Design Appeal: What we like about this bag clip is that they can be made into different colors or designs, sizes, and styles such as barrette, clip with rounded edges, and clamp. Merchandisers can even create a collection of different color clips to add fun and variety to the on-pack promotion scheme. In this example, Taikoo is offering a barrette-type sealing clip, which is suitable for any type of plastic bag.

Practical Value: Taikoo’s bag sealing clip will keep snacks, frozen foods, and nuts sealed and fresher longer. This handy kitchen tool will surely help you keep things in the pantry well-organized as well.

Bag Clip with Logo

Bag Clip with Logo

Handy Kitchen Item: The quality of snacks deteriorates when exposed to air. The same is true with condiments in plastic pouches. As such, they need to be sealed properly and this is where Taikoo’s Bag Clip comes in handy.

Customization: You have a lot of design options when it comes to preparing such a product for brand campaigns. You have two sides to play with. Both the front and back parts can be branded with either your logo or brand name. Colors can also be matched to your brand colors. If you are feeling adventurous and want to add a bit of character to your otherwise “basic” food clip, you can also make bespoke shapes.

Cost-Effective: Branded food sealing clips are fairly inexpensive to produce, making them ideal as giveaway products. If you are a company with a limited marketing budget, you will find this product an extremely practical and economical promotional product idea.

Bag Clip with Logo

Bag Clip with Logo


How Can You Use this Promotional Product for Your Campaign?

Boost your kitchen promotion with a set of different colored bag sealing clips! If you want to add more value to your products, putting together a promotional gift set that includes other novelty kitchen items such as branded food containers, condiment containers, peelers, stirrer, and cutlery.


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