Good On-Pack Promotions. A simple phrase – but one that packs a huge punch – that draws the attention of many marketing managers. This is because On-Pack Marketing has an innate ability to make a product stand out, and bring about competitive advantages for a company.

Just check out the On-Pack Promotion used by Kellogg’s in the famous Co-op Mart in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! The additional cereal garners instant attention and enhances the customer’s perception of the brand.

Good On-Pack Marketing by Kellogg's - Why It Attracts Shoppers

Good On-Pack Marketing by Kellogg’s – Why It Attracts Shoppers

On-Pack Promotions are fantastic in capturing the customer’s attention and attracting them to your product. When looking over a shelf of similar goods, the first thing that a customer notices would be the additional product, and the additional cereal would much certainly help capture that attention!

Good On-Pack Marketing would help your business in many ways:

  • Customer Loyalty: An on-pack promotion would make it look as if they are getting more from the company, because of the gift with purchase along with the product. The cereal, which serves as a promotional gift offer would help to promote brand loyalty.
  • Customer Retention: An on-pack offer would make the customers happy with their purchases, which would persuade them to make re-purchases.
  • Pester Power: An on-pack promotion effectively utilizes pester power, as children instantly spot on-pack promotions, and their childlike negotiation strategies certainly help increase the chances of a sale.

The benefits of On-Pack Promotions are comprehensive, and would most definitely improve the sales and profitability of the product.

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