Check out Kellogg’s fun and exciting Advent calendar design! This one is from their previous campaign in the UK. It was perfect for Christmas and geared toward the younger market.

Kellogg's Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

Kellogg’s Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

Why We Love Kellogg’s Advent Calendar Design

Kellogg's Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

Kellogg’s Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

  • Christmas Countdown: The box featured numbered doors or cut-outs, and each represents the date of the month. 24 is the amount of servings per packet; hence the “24 Bowls ’til Christmas” tagline. When peeled off, each door would reveal jokes and characters as the unique surprise for each day.
  • Resonates With Family Tradition: Christmas is a big celebration for Christian families and kids love countdown activities. Incorporating this family tradition into their campaign was a clever way to make their product more desirable.
Kellogg's Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

Kellogg’s Rocked Fun Advent Calendar Design for Christmas

  • Entertaining Advent Calendar Design: The simple surprises kids get every day helped build up excitement. Jokes and characters behind each door give kids something to look forward to every morning. In addition, there were puzzle games on the box packaging which kids can play afterwards.
  • Encourages Kids to Never Skip Breakfast: Each box contained 24 packets, 3 Kellogg’s variety. This variety is great because kids can be picky and can like different cereals. This saves parents the hassle of buying more than one product.

Calendars are a wonderful giveaway for Christmas and New Year celebrations. There is a huge demand for this type of product every end of year. Moreover they are great for any marketing budget. 

It is not too early to think about your Christmas promotions. In fact, the earlier you start planning, the better because you get to weigh your options and start designing.

Designing Your Own Calendar for Brand Campaign

Kellogg’s Advent calendar design is truly unique and interesting. However, it worked for short runs only. If you want to create something that would make a longer lasting impact in terms of design, contact our Mindsparkz team. But, before you start your campaign, here are some design ideas for inspiration:

  • Materials: Kellogg’s used their product packaging for their Advent calendar since it was only used for a short duration. If you are looking for durability and longevity plastic is ideal. Take a look at the below example:
  • Consider Novelty: The inclusion of games, jokes, and characters in Kellogg’s calendar added fun factor to the product. Speaking of fun factor, here’s a fantastic calendar design for all ages:
  • Consider Functionality: Is it going to be an annual, perpetual or weekly calendar? What purpose will it serve? Scott’s Emulsion and Thomas and Friends had previously teamed up to create a weekly calendar that served as reminder for parents and kids of when to take their supplement.

If you like Kellogg’s promotional advent calendar, contact ODM today. We can help you design and develop unique promotional products as well as marketing gifts for your business.

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