In the run up to Christmas a good Religious Promotion is an Advent calendar.  From December 1rst to December 25th, amuse your clients with a special calendar, used to count or celebrate the days of Advent. Recipients will open a new window each day, revealing an image, a poem, a candy or even a small figurine!

We would also like to suggest this is an excellent mechanism to create buzz around any event. Adapt this concept to be a countdown for other events from sports to building interest/anticipation around new product launch dates.  Our Buying office is here to help you find the right advent calendar promotional gift for your clients.

This gift is an ideal way to create proximity with your clients, to make them think of you and surprise them every day.  Can be used as a gift with purchase or purchase with purchase promotion.

The advent calendar is also a strong decorative item that can be displayed in the living room under the Christmas tree, and hence be also seen by family guests. You can target different ages and sexes with the right designs on the calendar, the right calendar size, shape and fabric, and items or images behind the windows.

So be creative, and associate your brand to joy and festivities! See above this year’s l’Oreal Advent Calendar containing mini sizes of all their prestige products such as Lancome and Khiels.