Just a quick note that it is now possible to get a visa for China with most passports at the Shenzhen & Zuhai border (Guangdong Province).  ODM do not know how long this visa will be available so please check with the Chinese embassy in your country before travel. (Click here for more info on Working Visas)

• This visa is called “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Tourist Visa” / “Zuhai Special Economic Zone Tourist Visa” / “深圳特区旅游签证”
• You can get it at the Lowu/Lohuo border or at ferry pier from Hong Kong to Zuhai.  Buy it just before the China passport checking station.
• This visa is only valid for short stay – 3 or maybe 5 days max.
• Costs HK$150 (US$20) for most nationalities, Hong Kong ID is currently not required!
• Costs HK$450 for UK passports – beside UK 18 other countries have similar fees.
• USA, French, Indian and Philippine passports excluded !!
• Takes about 5 Minutes to get & you don’t need a photo.
• In theory you are not allowed to leave the Shenzhen or Zuhai SEZ.
• Visas usually are checked in hotels (just a reminder).

Visa application costs and procedures may change at any time, so again pls. check before travel.

Avoid the headache of keeping up with these changes (and associated expenses) if you are eligable for the APEC card.

Please post to our comments with any updates.