If you are visiting S. China from Hong Kong you might consider the bus.  Tickets for most forms of travel can be purchased from China Travel Service or other vendors and you can catch a multitude of flights, ferries, busses and trains to China on a daily basis.

ODM HK staff make regular factory visits to assist Shanghai team in South China.  We also visit the Canton Fair twice yearly – mainly travelling by train.

Bus to China from Hong Kong

Thinking of visiting Shanghai or other industrial areas like Cixi, Ningbo or Hangzhou from Hong Kong.  Instead of paying extra to travel from Hong Kong, why not take a bus directly to/from Shenzhen airport to benefit from cheaper flights?

ODM use bus service Chinalink that will bring you directly to Shenzhen airport from Wanchai, Hong Kong. They also run service from TST.

The duration will be around three and a half hours, including stopping at immigration but best to estimate longer than that. Worried that you may have to rush to check in your flight? Chinalink also offers check-in services for you as you await for the next bus to take you to Shenzhen from the TST branch.

Wanting to travel around China comfortably but on a budget? Check www.ctrip.com for some budget deals.   With these tips, we hope that exploring some of the Chinese Provinces will be easier for you. Do contact us if you need any assistance in terms of Chinese negotiations or translation services.

Don’t forget your visa.