Traveling to China requires some preparation ahead of time, especially when you need to gather the documents in order to apply for a Chinese Visa. If you are travelling for work or business, you will also have to obtain a China Visa Invitation Letter from your host. We just helped process one for our clients who came to China for Quality Control on Promotional Products.

Usually most China Visa requests require some mandatory documents to be handed in with the application form. Depending on your country of Origin, the China visa process time can take between one day to a full week.

Chinese Visa Required Documents:

  • Travel tickets, with a date of entrance and exit of the Chinese territory;
  • Passport with at least six months of validity and two blank pages and a photocopy of your passport with your photo. If you have been in China before, a photocopy of the pages that has any previous Chinese VISAs that you have obtained is also required.
  • Letter of Invitation, either from a friend, family, acquaintance, business partner, factory or a Chinese National.
  • Travel Insurance, which covers the traveler during his stay in China;
  • Hotel reservation receipts, which shows where you will be staying during your trip;
  • Chinese Visa Application form;
  • 1 Color picture
Getting China Visa Invitation Letter for QC on Promo Gifts

Getting China Visa Invitation Letter for QC on Promo Gifts

Travelers coming to China for leisure or business will be required to present the documents listed above. The most important documents to supply are the China Visa Letter of Invitation if you want a business visa and the travel tickets with entry and exit date.

Information Needed for Your China Visa Invitation Letter:

Essentially, a China Visa Invitation Letter should establish the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor. It includes basic information such as:

  • Purpose of visit
  • Dates of entry and exit
  • Accommodation (hotel or residence)
  • Name of visitor
  • Passport number and
  • Nationality

How Long Does it Take to Process Chinese Visa?

Anyone traveling to China should plan a minimum of ten days before your scheduled departure in order to have adequate time to process the application for a Chinese Visa. Likewise, if you apply for a visa too early, it may expire before your scheduled flight. Shorter processing time can be achieved, but this is dependent on your country, time of year, etc…

If you have all the documents ready, then processing time should take around 2 to 4 days (or a week). Rush service is only available in select countries such as the US. The Chinese Consular Office may also approve rush application for extremely important and emergency cases.

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