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Promotional pens are perhaps the most enduring of all promotional products. The combination of functionality, popular appeal and cost effectiveness often make them ideal for marketing purposes.  Just how many promotional logo pens have you seen in the last week?

Whilst the concept to use a pen as a corporate gift is great, finding the right design from the thousands of different options can be a huge headache. We suggest you go back to basics

ODM’s design choice – Dubbed the Swan Pen.

Solid Black keeps it classy

Its beauty lies in its simplicity – this minimalist concept keeps it sleek with sufficient area for branding. The wide availability of colours also ensures that this pen is a winner when aesthetics are concerned.


  • Twisted Barrel – removes the hindrance of jammed pen clicks!
  • Chromed Tip allows for smooth writing
  • Refillable

Basic, down to earth features seen here translates to minimum potential screw ups. You don’t want to be facing annoying problems/defects for a simple item as a pen.

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