Lava lamps have erupted into the scene of the promotional products, made popular by the likes of music personalities and stars. For those not in the know, lava lamps are tabletop decorations that contains blobs of colored wax inside a vessel of clear liquid.

Available in a variety of styles (like the Lava Lamp Pen) and brand colors, they are considered to be a psychedelic icon.

Lava Lamp Pens

Lava Lamp Pens

But is this style of product really applicable to the promotional products industry? Pricey, bulky, with its only functionality serving as lightweight and decoration, they definitely lack the qualities required for this budget-strapped industry.


Enter the lava lamp pen. Incorporating both concepts together is plain ingenuity; it not only retains the goodness of a lava lamp but also essentially solved the downsides to it.

  • Cost-Effective – contact us for pricing!
  • Portable – Enjoy the chromatic effects of lava lamps on the go!
  • Dual Functionality Pen and a desktop decoration, utilizing a pen stand.
  • A mini lava lamp, in other words…

The slow flow of lava along with different colors are able to relax your customers when the day gets too hectic. It features a LED light that can be activated with just a push of the button for maximized “trance induction”.

Furthermore, the liquid and light colors can be customized to fit with clients’ brand colors. They can be used for car dealerships, charity organizations, etc. You may offer them as trade fair souvenirs, gifts on-pack, or corporate gifts. The possibilities are endless!

Lava Lamp Pens

Lava Lamp Pens

With all the retro elements of the 60s when the lava lamps were first created, this definitely makes a funky item for your next promotional campaign.

How we can help you:

Here at ODM, we believe that promotional toys can be a brilliant aid to any marketing movement. We have significant experience in product design, sourcing, and manufacturing of promotional toys. Furthermore, we can help you utilize your marketing budget effectively. Be sure to check out our comprehensive and ever-expanding gift with purchase or in-store display portals for more similar case studies.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products. Let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand like this one. If you are interested in these lava lamp pens, contact ODM and quote product code 1847.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is lava lamp pen a creative and functional item?

The first reason is that lava lamp pens are easy to carry on, the consumer can enjoy the chromatic effect of the lava lamp on the go. Then, it has dual functionality; pen and desktop decoration. Moreover, the slow flow of lava along with different colors are able to relax the consumer when the day gets too hectic.

Why consumers are so attracted by lava lamp pens?

Because the lava lamp pen have a relaxing effect on consumers; due to the flow of lava but also when it features a LED light which can be activated with just a push of the button for maximized « trance induction ». Moreover, the liquid and light colors can be customized.

Which sector can sell lava lamp pens?

It can be used for car dealerships, electronic companies, hospitality industry, a charity organization, etc. Companies can also offer it as corporate gifs.

How much does lava lamp pen cost?

It costs approximately between $1 and $10 for the most sophisticated ones.