Kikkoman, Japanese soy sauce brand, is featuring a gift with purchase for any Kikkoman products 8oz or larger on the USA market. Customers get to receive a set of 3 kitchen or barbecue utensils.

These gifts are chosen at random by the redemption center while stocks last.  The general idea is great to keep people guessing as to the random choice of gift selection.

However there is a failure on the part of the advertising to showcase some of the more interesting items – instead only showing the handles meaning there is a complete surprise.

With the gift items shrouded in mystery, this promo may fail to attract as much interest since no one knows whether the gifts will be worth the purchase or not.  What do you think ?

Kikkoman's Redemption Form - No mention or illustration of the utensils whatsoever

Suggestion: Kikkoman could do with more transparent promotions that complement its retail items. Transparency in the promo could invoke impulse purchases.   Other ideas….