Kikkoman has just launched two branded gifts as on-pack promotion. This international food and drink company is already experiencing a great success in its sector. The brand keeps on innovating and creating new ideas, in order to attract always more customers. Promotional products are efficient items which aim at catching customers attention. With this exceptional on-pack promotion, the customer is twice as much lucky, because he can enjoy both a recipe booklet and a canvas bag.


Two Branded Gifts Offered by Kikkoman as On-Pack Promotion

Two Branded Gifts Offered by Kikkoman as On-Pack Promotion

Food lovers will really appreciate this recipe booklet that propose to discover more than 20 specialities of the Orient, the whole illustrated with pictures that must just make them salivate. Explained in a very easy way, those recipes are accessible to everyone.

To go even further in the offering, a multi-purpose canvas bag is also part of the package. Likewise, women will enjoy this branded gift whether it is to go shopping, or for storing things inside at home.

Why do we like these Branded Gifts ?

  • Brand exposure.  These promotional products are a good way for you to promote your company as they will gain their brand awareness through the use. The practicality is the eye-catching fact about these promotional products. They can easily be combined with the actual product by using this bag to shop the brands products or by using the product for the suggested recipes.
  • Design appeal. The combination of the brand and the design are perfect to attract customers. You can chose a particular design that reflects the core values of the company and it will reinforce even more the brand image.

At ODM we love branded gifts, as we have significant experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing. We can help you with your marketing budgets effectively. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in finding out more information about such branded gifts and marketing solutions.

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