On Pack Promos Singapore: Leggo Promotional Plate

Plates make great On Pack Gifts especially for companies in the Food & Beverage industry. CereamicPlastics or Melamine plates could be some of the options for this promotional product – each have different properties, perceived value and of course production cost. 

Here we see Leggo offering a promotional plate as part of its Gift with purchase Promo in Singapore. As a producer of pasta sauces and products, this promo is complementary to what the business has to offer.    The On Pack Packaging may have stolen some advertising credits with the word “Free!Plate”, which definitely stood out from the shelves.

However, ODM felt that this On Pack Promo could be improved by showing how this promotional product looks.This could encourage customers to purchase it if it had a particular theme to the designs. We have mentioned how POS display is crucial in driving purchase and sales, a factor that should not be neglected.

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See below for some ideas that you may find useful for your next event!