Pens are always good and practical items for a business promotion so differentiate yourself from competitors with the promotional plastic pen with customizable clip! Pens are always in demand and in this case provides your brand with really effective advertising.

Promotional Plastic Pen with Customizable Clip

Promotional Plastic Pen with Customizable Clip

The clip of the pen can be manufactured into any shape and can represent your brands logo and mascot; a slogan could also be printed on a pen. This customized pen clip creates marketing and branding value. Above we can see cool examples of how pens can be made to promote cartoons such as Winnie the Pooh and also to provide that perfect present with a bow wrapping clip.

Why we offer you to use this promotional plastic pen with customizable clip for your promo campaign?

  • The Brand Logo is Well-Placed. Considering that promotional pens are so useful they have great value and help you to expand brand awareness. Given as a gift to your customers and clients, they will for sure remember your brand. Furthermore, these pens would make good ideas for a corporate item, or for any brand wanting to add a dash of creativity to their pen design.
  • Makes Brand More Important. This promo pen can be offered as gift with purchase or as an on pack promo gift. It will boost brand loyalty and users will be reminded of your brand logo whenever they use the pen. This pen as a gift could provide your brand with finer remembrance.
  • Boost your Sales. Offering this marketing idea as a free gift you can expand the increasing of sales because of competitive advantage among others. Its exclusivity will spur customers to make impulse purchases and spend more in order to receive the pen for free.

If you like this promotional pen with customizable clip just let us know, quote ODM – 1278 and we will get you more information about this promotional product. We have a significant experience of designing and manufacturing promo ideas so feel free to contact us today.

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