Most of us spend the majority of our time doing work at the table, and nothing beats having a nice cup of tea along with it. Therefore, this makes a promotional desktop clip cup holder extremely useful for consumers. This promotional desktop clip cup holder can be attached to any desktop, bedside table, and/or shelf, and when attached it sits your drinks below the table preventing spillages over the table which makes this product super convenient and practical.

Promotional Products - Desktop Clip Cup Holder in use

Promotional Products – Desktop Clip Cup Holder in use

Furthermore, they keep your area tidy and clean, leaving extra space and no coffee stains (bonus), and as a promotional product they bring refreshing, original, can easily customisable ideas to market your brand.

There are two types of promotional desktop clip cup holder available.

  • Smaller sized

With a peg-like mechanism, this size perfect for placing standard sized mugs and smaller bottles. The size for this is 16cm (L) x 7.5cm (W) x 7cm (H), with the cup hole diameter being 6.5 cm.

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

This cup holder has an approx. FOB price of US$0.87, with a MOQ of 5000.

  • Larger sized

Compared to the smaller holder, it is designed to hold larger sized bottles such as wine bottles and mugs, and also has an area to place your wire, which is very convenient for you big mug drinkers!

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

The size for this holder is 20.2 x 10 cm which makes it great for placing other items!

This holder also has a MOQ of 5000 and has an approx FOB price of $US1.20.

It is worth noting that both cup holders are also available in larger quantities,  leaving plenty of opportunities to increase your brand exposure! However, the pricing from above will vary.

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Both of these clip holders are made from a very durable APS material, which is high quality and extremely durable, perfect for heavy cups and bulkier items.

What makes this cup holder stand out is its colour, they can be printed with one colour, and this can be printed to match one of the colours available in stock.

Both holders can be personalised to feature your brand’s logo to help increase your brand awareness. These logos can be printed with 1 logo in 1 colour, and the logo size printed is 1 x 3 cm.

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Promotional Desktop Clip Cup Holder

Overall, these promotional desktop clip cup holder types will make brilliant promo gift ideas – they are colourful, unique and would make great gifts to clip anywhere on to your own desk. They are also very practical and will be used frequently, therefore increasing in brand recall.


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