There are a few times that a brand owner feels like throwing in the white flag.  One is when they cannot find an advertising solution fast enough.  You are always going head to head with competitors and hoping your products and marketing (incl new promotional products) are better than your rivals. Check out the unique benefits that a customized lamp can provide to your business & brand.

Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning - New Display Idea

Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning – New Display Idea

The pictures on this post are from trade shows we visit.   You can see that many different brands are using this for marketing.   Most importantly, there aren’t many restrictions on the type of product that you can put inside.  Then transform this brand into a beautiful lamp.

Glass or acrylic can be used for these displays since both offer good transparency.  Bases are plastic.  Wooden frames can be cut to size easily also so you have some flexibility on the base if you want to customise.

New Marketing Idea - Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning

New Display Idea – Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning

The structure of the advertising merchandise consists of a made-to-order base, a light source in the middle, and thick glasses in several different sizes. This item is nothing like the traditional lighting displays you may have seen before.  It depicts swarming streaks of lightning that are being generated by electricity and that black circular device installed on top of the smaller glass inside.

The simple charm here is that this promo gift  works tremendously well to promote your brand.  Top benefits are

  • Lighting illuminates the logo or product.
  • Lightning could evoke emotions of fear and wonder.
  • Small size make for an easy to install POS Display.
Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning - New Display Idea

Customized Lamp with Electric Lightning – New Display Idea

This item is not for sale, so who would you give this freebie to?   Brand Managers and Marketing teams use this for in-store marketing thing so will give these out wherever they retail their products.   The display encourages impulse purchases.

TOP BENEFITS: Customized Lamp.

  • Unique Design. What is noticeable in these lamps is that each has a distinct base and light color. For the objects that do not bear the name of the brand, you can choose to have it engraved on the bottom portion of the lamp. Hence, it can be unique for everyone.
  • Cost. Possbile to just insert your product and no need to customise the body.  The cost of creating giveaways similar to these rises when the manufacturer has to tailor lettering styles to suit your company.
  • Brand Recall. Your colleagues and consumers can’t possibly miss this since so eye catching with flickering light.
  • Add ons. Use along with a gift with purchase campaign to showcase gift or advertising message.

The customized lamp with electric lightning can tie in with lots of conventional marketing ideas and messages. Ask ODM to help you customise and design for maximum impact.

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