Electric bikes are a great mode of transportation due to their convenience and speed. They can be used by individuals for leisure purposes as well as for commercial purposes. They offer great branding potential and can be used for marketing campaigns. This blog will touch on custom electric bikes and their benefits!

custom electric bikes

Custom Electric Bikes: Innovative Outdoor Marketing Idea!

These bikes can be used for several events such as trade shows, sports events, conferences. Thus, they can be adapted to suit any campaign.

Popular fast-food brand,KFC, has made use of custom electric bikes for its delivery services. Stylish and functional, we think it is a good investment.

What we love about this Custom Electric Bike:

  • Customisable: With the advancement in technology, there are endless choices to customise your bike! They can be tailored to suit your company’s brand and personality and are available in a variety of colours and designs. Sleek and stylish, they are a great form of endorsement for your brand.

custom electric bikes

Custom Electric Bikes: Innovative Outdoor Marketing Idea!

As seen above, the bike is very representative of KFC. It is decked out in its signature colour, red. It also features the brand name on the delivery bag as well as below the seat.

  • Increases brand visibility: These KFC bikes also act as a form of outdoor advertising. This is due to the large “KFC” words and logo displayed on the delivery bag on the bike. Therefore, as the delivery rider is making his deliveries, your brand and brand name is being shown to everyone who sees the bike. This outdoor branding idea promotes brand visibility and allows more people to be aware of your brand. Hence, they are a very versatile medium as they help to spread your brand and increase your exposure to many people!

custom electric bikes

Custom Electric Bikes: Innovative Outdoor Marketing Idea!

  • Eco-friendly: As compared to cars and motorbikes, electric bikes are a more eco-friendly option. This is because the amount of energy used by an electric bike is very small. Electric bikes only use battery power which can be recycled when their life span is up. There is also virtually 0 waste involved. Thus, bike advertising is appealing to consumers who are conscious about the environment. Your consumers will definitely appreciate you for this!

custom electric bikes

Custom Electric Bikes: Innovative Outdoor Marketing Idea!

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custom cargo bike manufacture


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promotional bike


Also, check out this POS display by L’Occitane! These POS display units have effectively made use of a bicycle to promote their brand. This display also helps to attract attention and increase brand visibility. Thus, they are a great advertising tool!


To Conclude…

Custom electric bikes are great for outdoor advertising and are highly customisable. Therefore, you can use them to serve many purposes according to your needs and requirements.


We Can Help…

If you are interested in electric bikes, do send product code ‘1955‘ or ‘1959‘ to get a quote for these products! Here at ODM, we have years of experience in designing, sourcing and manufacturing promotional items. In addition, we have a dedicated team of in-house product designers capable of fulfilling your design needs. Thus, do not hesitate to drop us an inquiry today!


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