Walking around Zhuhai in China, we can see branded bikes for sharing everywhere in the city. In this blog we will talk about the added value of those sharing branded bikes, why it is important to develop this type of sharing program and how your logo can make an impact.

Branded sharing bikes

Branded sharing bikes

Added Value of Sharing Branded Bikes and Why It Is Important for the Planet

Several years ago, the biggest cities in the world launched a service of shared bikes. It’s a service in which bikes are available for shared use for a short period of time for a certain price. A lot of sharing bike services allow us to borrow it from a dock and the user can go anywhere he wants and return it at another dock belonging to the same system. Docks are usually linked to an electronic system that locks the bikes. To use it, users have to enter payment information or download an application and the computer unlocks a bike.

The main purpose of those sharing branded bikes is to encourage people to reduce their use of cars. It’s very important to reduce our ecological footprint and CO2 emissions. A lot of workers use sharing bikes to go to work and as a result, it showed a positive impact on traffic congestion, pollution, and people’s health in general.

Branded sharing bikes

Branded sharing bikes in Zhuhai


How your logo can make an impact?

Many companies have gained immense exposure through commuter advertising. This kind of advertising allows companies to target a wide range of consumers by taking their brands to the streets. Examples include ads on trains, taxis, and even buses. However, sharing branded bikes are more targeted and more personalized. Furthermore, they expose customers to the company advertising on bikes long enough to effectively drive their brand message.

Branded shared bikes can increase the exposure of the company. If you choose to invest in those sharing branded bikes, you can customize it, add your logo in the most visible part of the bike, and add it on the docks. So, users, as well as pedestrians, will see your logo on bikes and it will boost brand recognition. As a result, people will see your company as someone that cares for the environment. Consumers who share the same views on certain environmental issues will be more inclined to support your company. Overall, investing in sharing branded bikes can have an impressive positive result on companies.

Branded bikes also make a brilliant gift to reward your customers. Companies can choose to give away high-end branded bikes as contest rewards or purchase with purchase offer. For example you can develop a giveaway strategy “Buy 2 products and you’ll receive a code with which you could win an amazing bike”.

With businesses slowly opening after a few months of hiatus, sharing branded bikes are needed now more than ever. But with different people using the bikes in a day, how can you ensure the safety of commuters? Offering free custom hand sanitizers or installing custom sanitizer holders on the units will help combat the spreading of coronavirus.


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