Coloring books are all the rage today. They are indeed fun to use and also offer numerous health and marketing benefits. It is a wholesome activity that kids and adults will surely enjoy. From a marketing standpoint, a promotional coloring book is a great marketing tool because it targets a wide range of audiences from various age sectors. Intrigued about how you can include these coloring books in your brand campaign? The ODM group prepared this blog to help you out!


Promotional Coloring Books to Bring Out Creativeness of All Ages

Promotional Coloring Book

Promotional Coloring Book

At ODM, we love to add new flavors to classic products to make them more interesting. Take, for example, this promotional coloring book.


Our new coloring book is tri-fold. The first panel serves as the cover, the middle is an organizer of sorts for coloring pencils, and the last panel is where the coloring book is attached. Two rubber bands hold the coloring pencils in place. Being a 2-in-1 product, it makes coloring and organizing the art materials a breeze.

Promotional Coloring Book

Promotional Coloring Book


How can a Promotional Coloring Book Increase Engagement?


With companies closing temporarily and everyone self-isolating, people may become restless and start to look for some worthwhile activity to pass the time. This is a timely reminder that people can still be productive while on home quarantine.

Ideal for World Book Day Promotion

World Book Day is a massive event celebrated in almost 100 countries around the world. Have you already planned for your Book Day promotion? Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many companies have paused their in-store campaigns for the meantime. However, this does not mean that you should also set aside your promotion ideas. A promotional coloring book can be given away as an online contest gift, a redemption reward, or a subscription add-on. Use book-related visuals to make your promotional coloring books suitable for the celebration. The ODM group also prepared World Book Day Gift Ideas to make this event more memorable!

Promotional Coloring Book

Promotional Coloring Book

Cultivates Creativity

Coloring books is certainly a wholesome way to cultivate children’s creativity. Each page contains intricate designs suitable for kids and adults alike. The fun designs will absolutely keep parents and children engaged with the brand as they color away.

Relieves Stress

Consequently, due to COVID-19, our lives have changed drastically. The lack of social interaction, boredom, and the negative news we constantly see on TV can negatively affect our mental and emotional well-being. When you are stressed out and anxious, your immune system will suffer as a result. This is where coloring books come in. Studies show that coloring books are said to help improve mood and relieve stress.

Promotional Coloring Book

Promotional Coloring Book

Encourage Kids to Peel Their Eyes Away from the Screen

Without other things to do, kids may turn to mobile games, video games, and TV to pass the time. However, parents should take advantage of quarantine time to encourage kids to turn their eyes away from the screen by giving them an alternative activity. This is where promotional coloring books come in.

Information Dissemination

Make learning fun with a promotional coloring book. Raise awareness about the coronavirus pandemic by using illustrations depicting how to protect oneself from getting sick. Illustrations of people washing their hands, eating healthy foods, using face masks, and doing social distancing will certainly help kids understand this pandemic in a simple, engaging, and fun way. You may also use this for your Earth Awareness promotion and other information dissemination campaigns.

Promotional Coloring Book

Promotional Coloring Book


How to Use Promotional Coloring Book for Promotions?

Redemption Gift – Use coupons and value cards to earn points, which customers can use to redeem your promotional product. They can be given away together with journals and stationery products.

Covermount Gift – Increase readership and subscribers with a covermount gift on-pack. They can be attached to the cover with plastic packaging or bound with tape.

Online Contest Gift – Make your online contest colorful with a promotional coloring book. Ideal for social media promotions, marketing managers can offer them online contest rewards. This could be a great way to increase online engagement. As people spend more time on their phones, leveraging social media to gain traction is a great idea.

Charity Merchandise – One of the best ways to educate people about your cause is through visual aids. However, unlike posters and TV ads, a promotional coloring book is more engaging and fun. When people are relaxed, they are more perceptive to your brand message.

Gift with Purchase or Purchase with Purchase – Increase retail and supermarket sales for your FMCG brand by offering this product a free gift incentive.


How Can ODM Help You?

Would a promotional coloring book help you improve your marketing? Definitely yes! And you don’t have to look further anymore. Fortunately, ODM can help you source and design beautiful coloring books with colored pencils. We can also help develop high-end custom product packaging to go with your coloring books. If you like this idea, send us an email and quote product code ODM-2934.


More Vibrant Promotional Ideas Here…

Aside from promotional coloring books, why don’t you offer coloring bags to augment your marketing strategy? Here are the different styles and designs we found at the trade show.

Make your customers fall in love with your brand by offering them products that they can personalize themselves. These color-in bags with color pens would be suitable for kids. Check them out here.

Coloring stuffed toys are all popular today. Kids will love the customizability of the products as well as the final output. This would be something they will be proud to show to their friends.

This is not your ordinary bag. It has reflective strips to increase a person’s visibility when it is dark out. Furthermore, customers can personalize the bag by coloring it.

Wondering how double-sided crayons are manufactured? This blog will show you how:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Specifications of these Coloring Books?

- 157gsm Art paper - 2.0 Greyboard - 80gsm offset paper - Measures 210 x 285 x 22 mm (Folded)

Can I Customized these Promotional Coloring Books?

Certainly yes! You can reach out to our team, and we will plan the customization according to your marketing needs and instructions.

What Are the Customization Options?

You can include your brand's logo or name on these promotional coloring books. The illustrations will also be based on the theme you would like to incorporate.