Last year, Coca Cola released 6 limited-edition can designs as part of the brand’s tribute to Vietnam. For the past 25 years, the brand has been an integral part of Vietnamese life. Each can features a different Vietnamese city and the vibrant culture of Vietnam. Characters symbolising the inhabitants of every city in Vietnam are brought to life. In essence, the custom product packaging shows how Coca-Cola brings Vietnamese people together to celebrate the country’s success.

Custom Product Packaging

Custom Product Packaging

Aside from the eye-catching illustrations on their custom product packaging, the box also includes an in-pack promotion. The reward: gold Coca Cola can lids.
>Three first prize winners will get 3 18k (5 tael) gold Coca Cola can lid.
>Daily prizes winners of 18k (1 tael) gold Coca Cola can lid.

How to participate?

Buy one 330ml Coca Cola with the new packaging and look for the 10-digit code under the lid and send SMS: CCL_code and send to 8069.

Custom Product Packaging

Custom Product Packaging

How to check raffle results?

The random lucky number will auto-generate  at 10am on 10/05/2019, 10/06/2019 and 10/07/2019. Check the website or call 1900 555 584 for more information.

Custom Product Packaging

Custom Product Packaging


Why this Coca Cola’s Custom Product Packaging Works?

Relevance – Each can showcases the culture of Vietnam, making it really appealing to their target market. Shoppers will surely love the iconic illustrations on the cans because they depict the people’s daily life in Vietnam.

Visual Appeal – The vibrant colors appeal to the masses. They are easy on the eyes and are remarkable. This allows them to stand out on shelf.

In-Pack Promotions – The on-pack promotion printed on the box packaging also helped the brand create in-store and online buzz. The custom product packaging is an ideal place to promote your ongoing campaign and free gifts.

Online Presence – With so many people spending time on their smartphone, it would be a waste to not take advantage of the power of social media. This drives more conversion because more people can see online promotions. This could also motivate customers to visit the store after seeing the contest online.

Limited-Edition – This is a limited-edition offer which means they are produced in small number. With limited supply, people are more encouraged to buy. Moreover, many shoppers will not pass up on the chance to obtain the gold lids that will be given away as contest gifts.


What We Learned from this Custom Product Packaging

Product packaging design is the very first thing your customers will see when they scan the grocery shelves. As such, it is important to pay a lot of attention to your packaging design. It is one of the first things that differentiate your brand from the others.

Color also plays an important role in affecting consumer behavior. This is why it is also important to choose the right color for your products.

Finally, you can convey your message through your product packaging. Aside from the nutrient contents of your product, you can also promote your ongoing promotion through the boxes or actual label. In our example, the brand paid homage to the people of Vietnam through the can designs while the box packaging where the cans are kept promotes an online contest.


Do You Need Help with Your Brand Packaging Design?

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