Competitions and raffle draws are designed to create buzz and attract customers to your business. By offering competition giveaways, shoppers are encouraged to take part in the contest thereby stimulating brand interaction. One good example of a brand that had previous success in promotional contests is Coca-Cola. They did a great job increasing brand engagement through their in-store contests.

Competition Giveaways

Competition Giveaways

As part of their ongoing marketing in Vietnam, Coca Cola is having an in-store contest that allows customers to win cool rewards and vouchers. This is also a part of Big C’s Year of the Rat promotions. Big C is a supermarket in Vietnam.


Competition Giveaways

Competition Giveaways

The brand’s contest giveaways include:

35 gold prizes: Vouchers 10.000.000 vnđ
140 silver prizes: Vouchers 5.000.000
315 copper prizes: Vouchers 1.000.000

Shoppers can also win Pack of 6 cans, Glass cup, and Ceramic Mug by playing the roulette.

The promo started on December 07, 2019-January 17, 2020. Draw date was January 19, 2020.


Competition Giveaways: Why This Promotion Works?

Rewards Customers : Competitions can help your business generate buzz and gain more customers by offering free items in exchange for participating. Because people are competitive, we enjoy the excitement that comes with winning free products. It attracts customers and encourages them to buy the product to be able to participate in the contest.

High Perceived Value : The vouchers are worth 1.000.000 – 10.000.000 VND, which customers can use the next time they go shopping. Many people will be inspired to participate in the lucky draw because they know the rewards are much bigger than the amount spent on Coca Cola products. It makes them feel they are getting more than what they initially spent.

Competition Giveaways

Competition Giveaways

Practical Customer GiveawaysParticipating in the roulette game gives customers a chance to win custom-branded merchandise such as branded glass, a custom ceramic mug, and a pack of 6 Coca Cola. Furthermore, the promotional drinkware being given away will surely help them extend their visibility beyond shop floors. Because they can be used every day, they guarantee unlimited brand exposure.


Competition Giveaways

Competition Giveaways

Eye-Catching In-Store Display – Their branded roulette and dropbox are decked in red, which is considered to be a lucky color in Asian countries. The vibrant displays are distinguishable and they really draw in customers. There is also a golden dragon design embossed at the center of the wheel. This creature is believed to bring good luck to people.


What Could Be Improved?

If you are considering doing an in-store contest, it would be a good idea to display the products to be won. A POS display or retail shelf would surely help boost your promotion. Point of sale displays would help direct your customer’s attention to your products and eventually encourage them to make the purchase.


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