Fashion accessories have always been an integral part of our culture. However, they are more than just a status symbol or a fashion statement. They can also be used to promote a business or a cause. For example, these promotional fashion accessories by Goya.

Promotional Fashion Accessories

Promotional Fashion Accessories

Customers will get a pair of earrings for free when they buy any Goya spray cologne. They are currently promoting three cologne variants namely Jasmine, Rose, and Gardenia. The tassel earrings come in different colors which customers can collect. But how can a fashion accessory help your marketing? How did Goya benefited from these promotional fashion accessories?


Promotional Fashion Accessories – Why They Work

  • Collectible : Goya offers five different colors of tassel earrings with purchase of their spray cologne. Each perfume packaging includes a pair of tassel earrings. Goya Jasmine offers an aromatic floral fragrance. Goya Lavender is a light fragrance that calms the senses while the Gardenia gives off an enchanting fragrance perfect for the evening. The earrings are ideal for any occasion, just like their perfume.
Promotional Fashion Accessories

Promotional Fashion Accessories

  • Personalization : The earrings look dainty and classy and they can be paired with any outfit. This kind of gift with purchase helps increase the perceived value of the perfume and the customer giveaway product.
  • Fashionable : What we like about these promotional accessories is that they allow their customers’ personal style to stand out.
  • Value for Money : Earrings are a woman’s best friend. Accessories are an important part of a woman’s outfit. Offering these earrings for free saves customers time shopping for accessories that will go well with their outfit. They will see this as something worth every penny spent on the perfume. Furthermore, these tassel earrings are quite inexpensive to make so Goya will surely get the most out of their marketing budget.
  • Customizability : Goya managed to keep their promotional earrings simple and elegant. With earrings there are many ways to customize them. You can either stamp them with your logo or keep it classy without any branding.


Aside from earrings, there are also other fashion accessories that you can use for your business promotions. We listed other marketing ideas below:


Other Promotional Fashion Accessories to for Marketing

Belts – As belts are not commonly offered as a marketing gift, they pique people’s curiosity.


Bracelets – They can be made from any material such as silicone, leather, fabric, plastic, and even metal. In this blog, we will look at how colorful silicone bracelets can be customised to suit your brand or organizations.


Bags – Bags rank second on the most widely used promotional fashion accessories. Glam bags are usually used by cosmetic companies. Tote bags, on the other hand, are more versatile and cost-effective. The below example is from Kenzo. In this blog, we attempt to answer the question: can bags help boost your marketing?


Necklace – Here’s one fine example of a promotional necklace by a renowned perfume brand. The gifts spell luxury which suit their target market.


Watch – Catchay Pacific offered this high-quality watch to increase their in-flight sales. Find out what makes this promotion a hit:


Impress our customers with high-quality branded accessories. Customers will feel rewarded once they received your marketing gifts. Furthermore, they will keep your brand on top of their mind.


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