Kenzo Perfume is offering a free purse with purchase of their perfume. Customers will surely love the sparkly bag because it looks classy and would look great with just about any outfit. The promotional clutch bag comes in black and silver shade so it stands out on the shelf.

Promotional Clutch Bag

Promotional Clutch Bag

We absolutely love this idea. It is simple, yet very effective in promoting the products and marketing the company as a high-end brand. Below, we share the things that made this promotional clutch bag an interesting in-pack gift.


Why Kenzo’s Promotional Clutch Bag Works?

Color Contrast

The gwp bag stands out against the yellow packaging. It made an interesting contrast that catches the eye. Looking at their display, one can see that they love bold colors. Not only is this evident in their giveaway bag, but you can also see this in their packaging. Humans are visual creatures, so our eyes tend to focus on contrasting hues or colors that pop.

Promotional Clutch Bag

Promotional Clutch Bag

Practicality of the Gift

The combination of black fabric and sparkly material lends a luxurious feel that suits formal events and casual parties. Ladies can use this to carry essential items such as their make up kits, mobile phone, and wallet. It would be something customers will be proud to carry around.

Beautiful Design Can Start Conversations About the Brand

Custom promotional bags are a common way of promoting a brand. Its head-turning design can pique the interest of other people and start conversations about the product. What is more interesting is that shoppers can get this additional item at no extra cost. As a result, more people will consider buying the perfume.

Gift-Ready Packaging

Customers looking for a high-quality gift may find this item perfect for special occasions. The beautiful promotional gift box makes the set even more special.


Other Excellent Marketing Ideas from Kenzo

Custom Designed Packaging  – Kenzo’s custom designed packaging are all stunning. They never fail to command attention. We easily spotted them from afar thanks to their shiny package.

Memorable Product Packaging Design – The perfume bottles are made in the shape of an eye. Simple, yet it is definitely easy to remember.

However, this is not the first time Kenzo has given away such cool merchandise. Here are some of them:

Kenzo previously offered a purple pouch bag as a gift with purchase of their perfume. It is a great way to organize your important stuff and it can fit inside your luggage or backpack.

Kenzo and Mariannaud teamed up for this excellent marketing campaign in France: a handbag holder. Find out what makes this one an interesting promotional item.

Perfume and cosmetic brands love to give away free bags to their clients. Why is that?

Why Beauty Companies Offer Free Promotional Bags

Customer Retention – According to studies, people are more likely to remember brands who give free items or gifts with purchase. With your brand on the giveaway bags

Versatile – Bags are versatile. You can have small pouch bags for cosmetics or handbags for a casual outing. They also come in various styles with tote bags being the most popular since it is high-utility and can go with any outfit and occasion.

Effective Communication Medium – Bags are more than just a fashion accessory. It is a necessity. How many people leave their homes without a bag or a small clutch bag? Therefore, it is the best place to put your brand on. It is a simple yet effective way of exposing your brand.

Value for Money -Bags provide immense value-for-money because they are quite inexpensive to produce, but they generate more impressions than any other promotional items. According to a  2016 study conducted by ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) bags generate an estimated average of 5700 impressions. They also found that almost 50% of US citizens own a branded promotional bag.

Extended Visibility – People keep some sort of promotional bag in their homes. They are kept for months, so this means longer visibility for the company.


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