Cosmetic bag makes good promotional merchandises. You have probably seen a lot of these gifts being given out by Macy’s, the supergiant departmental store in the United States. Here’s yet another one! Simply spend a minimum of $75 on any beauty products online and receive a cosmetic bag totally for free! This promotional giveaway is only limited to 1 per customer, so grab them while stock lasts!

Cosmetic Bag: Promotional merchandise

Cosmetic Bag: Promotional merchandise

Why offer a cosmetic bag as a promotional merchandise?

The importance of a cosmetic bag is something every woman can relate to. Cosmetics are a vital part of every woman’s daily life, making this promotional merchandise something that every woman can use. This cosmetic bag looks really stunning besides being a promotional merchandise. This cosmetic bag comes in a shiny red finish, giving it additional points to its luxurious and elegant impression.

There are other reasons why offering a cosmetic bag as a promotional merchandise is great for your company. It is not an expensive item and the surface area available for you to brand your company’s logo or message is reasonably sufficient in proportion to the cost! It is important to make sure your promotional merchandise is relevant to the product line you are offering. If you are a cosmetic or make up company, offering a cosmetic bag as a promotional merchandise is perfect for your company! That way, your marketing effectiveness will be maximized and you can also increase the brand recall effect your customers will have.

If you have not been actively using promotional marketing efforts like promotional giveaways to market your company, we at ODM strongly urge you to! There are many different variations and effects from such marketing and the possibility to increase your brand image are endless. If you require any help with promotional products or designing, do feel free to contact us at ODM!