Macy’s is currently offering a gift with purchase. By purchasing $35 worth of Philosophy products, customers would receive a complimentary 6 piece gift set. The set includes a cosmetic bag along with 5 other Philosophy products. This gift with purchase was found at Macy’s online store.

Gift with Purchase by Macy's - Philosophy Gift Set

Gift with Purchase by Macy’s – Philosophy Gift Set

Macy’s is a mid-range to upscale departmental store that has been in the United States since 1858. The company has since grown and now has about 800 departmental stores in 45 states as well as an online shop, which provides international shipping.

Why offer a gift with purchase?

A gift with purchase is hugely beneficial for your company in many ways. Let me briefly share some ways in which a gift with purchase would benefit your company.

Firstly, a gift with purchase helps to increase sales. Offering a gift with purchase helps to attract more customers. Many customers would purchase your products because they would like to receive the gift. This helps to increase sales revenue, which helps with maximizing profit.

Secondly, a gift with purchase acts as a form of advertisement. When customers go out with the gift they received, it is a form of advertising for your company. And if they really like the gift a lot, they would tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising. Offering a gift with purchase might just be more effective than placing an advertisement in a magazine or on TV!

Thirdly, customer loyalty is fostered. When customers receive the gift, they would have a good impression on your company. This encourages them to continue purchasing your products. A gift with purchase would help to increase your base of loyal customers. This is greatly beneficial to a company as customers are what keep a company running.

Lastly, a gift with purchase helps to improve brand recollection. The gift with purchase would leave an impact on your customers. This helps them to be able to recall your brand over other brands when the situation requires them to.

After reading so many benefits of having a gift with purchase, what are you waiting for? Start offering a gift with purchase to your customers today!


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