Monkey Shoulder have upped their game by enhancing brand awareness through the purchase of their whisky with a complimentary customized dry bag in Hong Kong duty free stores. This unique marketing strategy is definitely eye-catching, drawing in potential and existing customers. This case study will explain why Monkey Shoulder’s idea is a great campaign.

customized dry bag

Customized dry bag

Monkey Shoulder is a popular whiskey known for its unique taste and blend of three single malts. The promotion helped the brand to venture out and make their product accessible in a different range of places. As seen in the picture, it states “Poolside, Beachside, Speyside”, and suggests that it can be taken to a place with nice blue waves. So, the custom promotional bag would be a perfect accessory.


customized dry bag

Customized dry bag

Why Monkey Shoulder’s customized dry bag is a great way to differentiate from competitors:

  • Brand visibility: The customised bag comes in an orange shade which relates to the monkey icon and also appeals to customers.
  • Suitability: The bright orange colour instantly draws attention and is suitable for anyone regardless of their age or gender.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: All the other alcoholic drinks in the picture are in their original bottle packages without any complimentary gifts with purchase except for Monkey Shoulder.
  • Utility: The bag is a gift with purchase and is useful due to its waterproof material. This makes it ideal to take to the beach or use for water sports.
  • Reusable: It is also reusable which allows brand activation as the brand will be promoted whenever the customer uses it. Being environmentally friendly is key for many brands and this product fits that category perfectly.
customized dry bag

Customized dry bag

To conclude:

The packaging of a product definitely makes a big difference as it is the first thing a customer sees, especially if it is covers everything like Monkey Shoulder chose to do. This customized dry bag can boost your sales due to its design and versatility to be used numerously for different reasons.

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