What kind of marketing gift goes well with sun block products? Certainly, it must be something useful for outdoor activities. Sun block products are applied to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet coming from the sun. This will prevent the skin from experiencing sunburn. With the protection of sunblock, outdoor activities are much more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a suitable marketing gift for sun block products, ODM recommends this dry bag! Don’t just put your logo there, make this promotional campaign interesting. Read on to know how.

Marketing Gift Idea for Sun Block Products - Dry Bag

Marketing Gift Idea for Sun Block Products – Dry Bag

Licensed Character on Marketing Gift

Exclusivity will jack up the perceived value of the product. Products available for retail may not have strong appeal to our customers. We need to make our promotional campaign exclusive to our customers.

A dry bag has high perceived value. This bag is available for retail at a very high price. Customers will love us for giving this as a marketing gift. This displays our generousity.

That is just one point. You can add the perceived value of this promotional product by printing a licensed character. Choose a hot trending character, for example Angry Birds.

Using a licensed character allow us to tap on the fan base. Besides that it is highly recognizable. This marketing gift will draw people’s attention.

However, printing our own logo is very, very important. This marketing gift should tell the world where to get it from. Yes, from us. We can brand the logo on the other side prominently, or under the artwork. Branding is important to increase brand recall. This will enforce customer loyalty.

Making It Interesting

If you have a big marketing budget, this is worth a try. Having to spend the time to contact the licensor and all, why not print the artwork on the products too? Incorporate the character into the label or packaging of the sunblock product.

We can offer it as an on-pack promotion together with this dry bag. Also, since we are not going to continue using Angry Birds forever, label it as a limited edition. This will drive the customers crazy.

Perhaps throw a few products as a bundle promotion. This will encourage customers to try other product lines you have. But first, use the marketing gift to increase its appeal.