Giordano is offering 19” spinner luggage as giveaways from 7/1/2013 to 3/2/2013. Simply spend SGD200 and you will be able to purchase the 19″ spinner luggage which is worth SGD229 at just SGD39, or spend at least SGD300 and get it for free! This promotion is available at all Giordano stores in Singapore so head down to your nearest store now and grab this luggage while stocks last!

Giveaways by Giordano

Giveaways by Giordano

Established in 1981, Giordano is one of the best known and established apparel retailers in the Asia Pacific region, employing over 8,000 staff with more than 2,700 shops operating in at least 40 territories worldwide. Read more how Giordano use promotional product to increase its sales.

Why did they use luggage as giveaways?

With Chinese New Year approaching, many families are planning to travel overseas to spend some time together despite the short break. It is a rare opportunity for families to get together as everyone is usually busy with school or work thus Giordano has decided to make use of this opportunity to bring individuals together to celebrate Chinese New Year with their loved ones.

Luggages are attractive giveaways as it is practical and great for travelling purposes. With this 19” spinner luggage, one would not have to worry about getting a new luggage to travel for a few days. A 19” luggage is the perfect size for a 4 days 3 nights trip. It is available in 2 colors, red and grey and it is extremely durable due to the hard cover material used to make the luggage.

How can this luggage help to increase sales for Giordano?

Giordano has branded their company name on the luggage to increase brand awareness and aid in brand recall. Whenever consumers use the luggage, they would be reminded of Giordano and this would incite them to make repeated purchases. While carrying the luggage around, other travelers may chance upon it and gain interest in Giordano as well. With sales increase for Giordano, there would be a profit increase as well.

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