Ever needed a marketing idea that is eco-friendly and practical for everyday use? You’ve come to the right place! Giordano Junior Singapore is currently offering a complimentary tote bag as their in store marketing with S$100 net purchase.

Previously, Giordano offered a spinner luggage with every purchase of S$300 or more. This time round, Giordano has not disappointed us with yet another promotion. This tote bag is available in two colours: green and pink. It can be folded into a small pouch that resembles the Giordano junior logo for convenience purposes. What are you waiting for? Head down to the nearest Giordano outlet now and this tote bag would be all yours.

Go Green With Giordano's In Store Marketing

Go Green With Giordano’s In Store Marketing

Established in 1981, Giordano is one of the best known and established apparel retailers in the Asia Pacific region, employing over 8,000 staff with more than 2,700 shops operating in at least 40 territories worldwide.

Why offer a foldable tote bag as an in store marketing gift?

A foldable tote bag is practical for anyone and everyone across all age groups and gender. It is great for everyday use as well as travelling purposes. You can use it to store your groceries or other purchases, helping to reduce plastic waste and saving the environment.  It is foldable, thus helping to save space if you want to bring it along in your bag or use it as an extra storage bag for camps or travelling purposes.

What makes this tote bag stand out from the other tote bags is that it is in the shape of a cow when it’s compact. This cow represents Giordano, making it distinctive and different from other competitors’ gifts. Instead of branding Giordano’s name or logo on the bag, the bag itself is produced to resemble the logo.

When one carries this bag around, it would instantly attract the attention of many as it is outstanding. Consumers would be encouraged to purchase from Giordano in order to receive this in store marketing gift. This would in turn help to increase sales for the company.