Camping is a popular activity with more people escaping the city bustle for a break surrounded by nature and picturesque settings. There is a lot of equipment required for camping which is perfect for companies seeking to make outdoor promotional items. Examples include branded stainless steel bottles, cooler box for outdoor promotions, branded cooler bags, camping chairs as a redemption gift, promo foldable bottle to help minimise storage, promotional sports bottles, and custom printed cooling towels for when it’s warm or partaking in exercise. This blog is based on camping lights with added features which were found at Canton Fair.


Here are Two Outdoor Promotional Items:

Outdoor Promotional Items

Outdoor Promotional Items

Firstly, we have the solar camping lamp. This is suitable for outdoor field due to its solar panel. It takes 18-20 hours charging time which provides light from anywhere between 6-20 hours.  It can also work as a mobile phone charger. Imagine how much brand exposure your company will receive by having your brand advertised on solar panels. It will also highlight that your company cares for the environment and being sustainable, which will ultimately draw customers in who have the same values.


There are small lights attached to the main body which can be removed as it is magnetic. This makes it easier for people to have a source of light when going around places during camping. Afraid it’ll be too cold or too hot? No worries, the working temperature for this product is as low as -20℃ to as hot as 40℃. The product code for this item is 2776.


Outdoor Promotional Items

Outdoor Promotional Items


Secondly, this product is a detachable holding lamp with an inbuilt Bluetooth promotional speaker, which works with both ios and Android.  This is an added incentive for customers as the product is multifunctional. There is a battery life of 3 hours and has smaller detachable lights with a magnetic feature. The product code for this item is 2784.


Outdoor Promotional Items

Outdoor Promotional Items


To Conclude…

Camping is an outdoor activity which signifies how important a healthy environment and nature must be to the people who partake in these types of activities. If your customer base fits into this category, it is key to show your support and similar values to strengthen bonds and relationships with customers. By creating outdoor promotional items that appeal to your client base, it will enhance your brand image and fuel advertising.


Would your customers use these products? Do they care about being sustainable? Will the added features of charging phones, Bluetooth and detachable lights appeal to your clients?


At ODM, we can create any sort of outdoor promotional items that you’d like. We also have our in-house design team Mindsparkz who can assist with creative ideas or designs if your company is looking for something new. Contact our China or Vietnam office for more details!


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