With so many freight companies out there, how can you stand out from the rest? How do you deliver your message in a clear and catchy manner? One of the best ways to push your brand to the forefront of your industry is through the use of effective gifts. This wooden custom cargo container is one of the best freight gift ideas to use for your own company. This allows you to convey your brand message in a creative, concise, and simple manner.

Freight Gift Ideas

Freight Gift Ideas

Freight Gift Ideas: Who Can Use this Miniature Shipping Container?

Shipping and logistics companies will certainly find this shipping merchandise useful. We have posted about shipping container items before but this one is different. It is made out of wood with doors in one side, making it look like a miniature container. Your brand name or logo can be printed on the sides of the shipping container.

Freight Gift Ideas

Freight Gift Ideas

Some of the branded shipping containers we did before were made out of tin or aluminum and plastic. Because ODM loves to put a spin on simple products, we have shipping container piggy banks, card holders, and storage box. Our team has also designed stress toys in the shape of shipping containers.


How to Use this Mini Wooden Cargo Container for Marketing?

Christmas Promotional Item – Christmas is right around the corner so if you are looking for cool freight gift ideas for Christmas, then this wooden shipping container may be the right fit for you. Offering gifts during this special holiday is one of the best ways to show that you are thankful for your client and employees’ ending support. You may want to add a personalized letter or card when you hand out these gifts.

Corporate Giveaways – As a corporate gift for clients, this wooden shipping container will allow for better brand recognition. When given as an employee gift, recipients will certainly feel welcomed. Business partners and stakeholders will be delighted to receive a souvenir from you because it means you value your business ties. Branded gifts that reflect your company and the services you offer will surely keep your company on top of their mind.

Freight Gift Ideas

Freight Gift Ideas

Contest Gifts– Contests can definitely boost your brand presence especially if you have unique giveaways to offer. For instance, this product may be given away through online raffle or in-store draws. The novelty of the product adds an exciting twist to the contest.

Marketing Souvenirs – Having this wooden shipping container as a marketing souvenir will not only impress your clients but will also improve your image and increase customer retention. This is because receiving something from a company makes customers feel valued. Furthermore, this product can be used to store small items such as paper clips, rubber bands, receipts, and keys, keeping office desks clutter-free! Practical marketing souvenirs will surely be used by clients, thereby gaining your brand daily exposure.

Win More Clients – Offering gifts after a business meeting will help you make a positive impression. You can also give them away during trade shows to create awareness about your brand. This freight gift idea will serve as your business card.


Here are some of our favorite freight gift ideas :

1.Storage Box in The Shape of a Shipping Container– This branded shipping container storage box is the perfect gift for shipping companies. It is made from stainless steel and is fairly durable. The color can be matched with your brand colors while the body can be printed with logos or brand name.


2. Branded Miniature Trucks – Perfect for companies that provide transport services. The trucks can be custom designed to match your company.


3. Custom Desk Study – What we like about this product is the fun factor it offers customers. The organizer works by piecing the panels together. As the customer builds the miniature trucks, they are also being exposed to the brand, thereby improving engagement.


4.Power Bank Gift Set – If you want something that would be of use to your customers, offer them a custom power bank gift set. With so many designs to choose from, power banks offer tremendous branding and design and opportunities.


5. Stationery – Aside from miniature shipping containers, stationery products such as branded notebooks and notepads are ideal promotional products for logistics companies. Using the products every day will keep the brand on top of mind.


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Marketing gifts play an integral part in promoting your logistics company. They serve as a bridge that connects you and your target market. And with the competio

So if you want to customize your own wooden shipping container, get in touch with ODM today. If you’re interested in this product, send us an inquiry for product code 2656 to get a quote.


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