DHL recently sent us 2 corporate promotional stationery items. For the year of 2019, they have supplied a functional themed DHL coloured diary and calendar. At ODM we think this is a sweet deal for promoting your brand with functional gifts for your employees, customers and stakeholders. Have you thought about promoting your brand this year? If not discover with us the features and benefits of New Year promotional products.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery


  • The book features 3 different sections

Monthly calendar

The user gets to do their monthly planning with a generous amount of space.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery

A standard calendar that is portable, light, and perfect to be put on a desk. It comes with DHL logo and brand visuals.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Custom desk calendars are a great way to promote your brand. With clearly laid out formatting and all the important dates labelled, customers won’t miss their appointments.


Important dates and time zones

These are incredibly useful DHL clients and their targeted audience that will receive this custom notebook. A worldwide company, DHL serves different time zones, and countries.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Super useful for an employee and clients who are serving or researching a different region and must understand important international dates or even reference other customers from around the world.


Notepad for thoughts and daily planning

This section is great as there are is structure to certain dates and what can be written. The flexibility allows for dates to be recorded on the top left and right corners of need be or can be used to journal thoughts not relating to a certain date.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery

A thick cardboard cover to protect this notebook / custom journal is used along with the DHL colours and logo.


Benefits of Corporate Promotional Gifts

Increase brand exposure: This is a silent marketing tool. Promoting the diary and calendar mean increase brand awareness wherever the user goes.

Added value to user: These premium corporate gifts are beneficial as they serve a functional purpose. Ideal for personal notes, in the office and task planning, the user will appreciate the gifts and the associated brand.

Corporate Promotional Stationery

Corporate Promotional Stationery


Customer retention: Providing these gifts also means the user, potential customer, will help keep DHL and brand on top of mind. This means they will have a greater chance to research and use this brand for their future shipping needs.

Cost effective: As a marketing tool, the diary and calendar provide great return on investment. These office stationeries are inexpensive to produce and as explained, a great marketing tool to increase brand awareness.

We understand how the manufacture of paper goods go. The reason it is cost effective is because the manufacturing process has been developed and become more efficient over the years.

Relevant: This notebook and calendar is made for the new year, where the first month entails a lot of planning and writing. This is a good way for DHL to stay relevant by providing a functional gift that people need.

In conclusion, DHL is a perfect example on how to successfully promote your brand with functional, premium-feeling promotional products that add value to your brand.


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