DHL is giving away an overnight promotional calendar to its customers through direct mail as part of its marketing products. It has a great branding surface for DHL to brand their theme and logo on it. It also shows the overnight period between 2 days, which no other ordinary calendar shows. Thus, it is exclusive and have a high perceived value. Read more to find out how this is used effectively as a marketing product…

Why did they use the overnight promotional calendar as marketing products?

The overnight calendar shows that there are 2 days on each sheet of the promotional calendar to convey the overnight period to the user. It reinforces the marketing message that DHL is working hard overnight to deliver their customers’ items to the destination. This will give users the confidence to get DHL to deliver their goofs on a tight deadline. It also has its functional use as users can use it when they are working overnight.

Promotional Calendar by DHL

Promotional Calendar by DHL

How can the overnight promotional calendar affect sales?

The calendar has a great branding surface area which DHL may brand their theme, signature colours and logo on it. This will increase brand awareness and attract new customers to use DHL for their delivery. The logo may also boost brand recall and create reminder advertising to existing customers. This will enforce brand loyalty and encourage the customers to make repeat purchases. What do you think of this overnight calendar?

DHL Background

DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. A global network composed of more than 220 countries and territories and about 275,000 employees worldwide offers customers superior service quality and local knowledge to satisfy their supply chain requirements. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education.

Sponsorship means Cobranded Marketing Products

Manchester United Football Club announced them as their first training kit sponsor in August 2011, agreeing a four-year deal with DHL reported to be worth £40 million; it is believed to be the first instance of training kit sponsorship in English football.   Though  Manchester United have bought back rights, DHL is still currently involved as a sponsor.
DHL are a major sponsor on the Rugby scene.   Check out our blog on Rugby World Cup promotions in NZ. Surf Life Saving Australia have also embraced DHL as a key sponsor..

Which other sports is DHL heavily involved with and what marketing gifts do they use?