DHL has been spotted offering a free promotional document wallet to its B2B customers in Europe. This is another great marketing strategy used by one of the leading worldwide couriers. Within this offer, DHL is valuing its regular customers by offering a really practical and useful giveaway.

DHL offering promotional document wallet as a giveaway

DHL offering promotional document wallet as a giveaway

How does this promotional document wallet enable DHL to increase its value perceived?

Within the courier industry, there are at least 4-5 courier providers that are offering high standard services to customers. This makes it really tough for people to choose one company and stick with them as they offer similar services. Therefore, people will choose and judge these kind of companies by service satisfaction and any other extra services they offer.

People normally use courier services to send documents or packages around the world as quick as possible. This promotional document wallet will be always on the customer´s desks and will be handy wend keeping documents during office time.

Imagine branding & customizing it according to your own designs and making it really exclusive for each single B2B customer?

You can easily customize the appearance of this promotional document wallet by playing around with the materials, material thickness, coating, lamination and logo printing. Why not use our experienced design team to advice which one will be appropriate for any situation?

Always think about what your customers will require in different situation and why will they want to choose you amongst a competitive industry. Promotional merchandise can certainly help your customers decide for your brand. How are going to reward them back?

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