The Wallet Shop is celebrating its 16th birthday with a giveaway. For every S$60 nett spent, customers can receive a complimentary Troika keyring. This keyring has a retail value of S$33 and comes in 4 unique designs. This promotion lasts throughout September and is available at The Wallet Shop outlets across Singapore.

Anniversary Giveaway by The Wallet Shop - Keyrings

Anniversary Giveaway by The Wallet Shop – Keyrings

More about keyrings as a giveaway

This keyring is a perfect giveaway as it can be used on your wallet or bag. And this is just what The Wallet Shop sells. Having a giveaway that complements the products you sell makes your promotion attractive.

Why offer a giveaway on your anniversary?

Offering a giveaway on your company’s anniversary is the best way to celebrate. It allows you to celebrate with those who constantly give you their support: your customers and employees. By offering a giveaway, customers feel that they are able to join in the company’s celebrations. Offering a giveaway to your employees makes them feel valued. It is important for every company to keep both their customers and employees happy if they want to grow.

Apart from celebrating, offering a giveaway most certainly helps with the company’s image. To the public, the company will be seen as a joyful and generous corporation, willing to share their milestone celebrations with others.

Another benefit from offering giveaway is increase in sales. When a giveaway is being offered, more patrons will take note of your company. And seeing such a good deal, they would want to have it and go into your store to purchase, even though they may not need to product at that moment. This boost in sales not only helps with the publicity of the company, it helps with increasing profits as well.

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