The Wallet Shop Singapore is currently having a Valentine giveaway from 18th January 2013 to 21st February 2013. With a minimum of SGD$150 spent at the store, you would be able to receive a Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle worth $79 for free!

The Wallet Shop was founded in Singapore in the year 1997. It aims to provide consumers with a hip and trendy place to shop for fashionable wallets.  Expect a colorful variety and deep assortment of wallets, pouches, bags and coin purses when you step into the shop.

Giveaway by The Wallet Shop

Why did The Wallet Shop use the Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle as a giveaway?

Most of the consumers that patronize The Wallet Shop are youths and this giveaway would be very suitable for them as they can carry this Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle to school on a daily basis. The Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle is light, durable and able to hold hot water unlike the usual plastic bottles that may crack over time when hot water is poured in.

The Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle works great as an everyday bottle and you can bring it along for camping or travelling purposes. Other brands like Milo can also make use of this hydroflask bottle as a giveaway as consumers are still able to enjoy a warm bottle of Milo or other beverages without having to worry that it will cool down while they are carrying the bottle around.

How can the Victorinox Hydroflask Bottle help to increase sales?

The Wallet Shop can have their logo or brand name imprinted on the bottle so as to increase brand awareness for the company. If youths were to carry it around in school, the striking color of the bottle, be it red or silver, would be able to capture the attention and interest of other students. Once others see The Wallet Shop’s logo or brand name on the hydroflask bottle, they would come to of the brand and be reminded of The Wallet Shop.

With more consumers that are aware of The Wallet Shop, the company would be able to attract more customers and generate more sales which is the aim of every company when they carry out promotions.