GAP is currently having a giveaway in Hong Kong. This promotion is available at all GAP stores in Hong Kong. These badges are complimentary as you do not have to spend at the store to get the badges. So what are you waiting for? Hurry down to any GAP store now and grab yours while stocks last!

Giveaway by GAP - Badges

Giveaway by GAP – Badges



Giveaway by GAP - Badges in a bottle 

GAP is a leading global specialty retailer offering clothing, accessories and personal care products for men, women, children and babies. With about 136,000 employees and over 3,000 company-operated stores and over 300 franchise stores, their presence is felt around the world.

Why did GAP use these badges as a giveaway?

GAP has made good use of these badges as a giveaway as it requires low manufacturing cost and has high feasibility. These badges are great as an accessory where you can pin it anywhere on your shirt, bag, pencil case, wallet and many other canvas products. They serve as a walking advertisement for GAP and this is a cheaper alternative of advertising as compared to magazines and newspapers. Many other brands can also make use of this badge as a giveaway. These badges are great for any industry, not just for the fashion industry.  Some of these brands can include Coca Cola, Michelin and Nike, which can also make use of these badges to promote their brand.

How can these badges help to increase sales for GAP?

These badges are imprinted with GAP’s logo which is great to help boost brand awareness for the company. Some people would attach these badges on their wallets and bags as an accessory and when these people carry their wallets or bags around, people would be able to see the GAP logo and recognize the brand. This also helps to spark interest for those who have yet to hear of the brand. As more people recognize GAP, it would encourage consumers to spend at the store and this would in turn help to generate more sales for the company.