Who doesn’t love Danish butter cookies? Kjeldsens is one of those brands that distribute Danish butter cookies worldwide. Kjeldsens in Hong Kong is having a giveaway promotion!

Check out the Hello Kitty packaging for 3 packs of Danish butter cookies. Not just using an attractive packaging, Kjeldsens uses this enticing on pack giveaway as well. Do you know that promotional products like this clip can boost your sales?

Giveaway by Kjeldsens - Hello Kitty Bookmark

Giveaway by Kjeldsens – Hello Kitty Bookmark

Maximising Giveaway as Promotional Product

If you are not convinced that a giveaway has a massive impact on sales, why not try offering one and see the impact. We will tell you why you should do so. It will definitely worth the investment.

Brands like Kjeldsens usually make use of departmental stores to distribute their products. Imagine having a section of Danish butter cookies together in the shop. If you think that to be positioned on the eye level shelf is based on luck, think again. Many big stores like Walmart actually sells that space to interested brands.

Kjeldsens uses licensed character from a Japanese company, Sanrio, to make an attractive packaging. Hello Kitty is a very famous character that has huge fan base, even outside Asia. Hello Kitty fans will be drawn to the attractive packaging. Not stopping there, Kjeldsens include a bookmark with silicon Hello Kitty as a giveaway too. These would increase the perceived value of the cookies exponentially.

This bookmark, or giant paper clip has low production cost. It is perfect as an on-pack giveaway. However, it can drive impulse purchases from Hello Kitty lovers. They will buy this pack of three, instead of individual pack just to get the bookmark.

Not only sales, marketing gifts such as this giveaway can improve brand image as well. Kjeldsens have the silicon Hello Kitty to be holding a Danish butter cookies and dressed in Danish costume. Kjeldsens branded the promotional product at the back. This is very important to ensure that customers remember your brand. Branding promotional products can increase brand recall.