A giveaway can be used as a key driver for sales for different items featured in Cathay Pacific In-Flight Duty Free Magazine. On this occasion, we spotted a custom figurine offered by Hello Kitty as a giveaway with the purchase of 5 perfume bottle set.

Whilst ODM manufacture a vast range of promotional products for big brands around the world, it is always great to spot unique and exclusive items that will greatly impact your customers perceptions, especially in inflight magazines like the Cathay Pacific.

Below we can see how this custom figurine has been featured in the Cathay Pacific Magazine:

Hello Kitty offering custom figurine as a giveaway

Hello Kitty offering custom figurine as a giveaway

How does this custom figurine offered by Hello Kitty enable them to raise brand perceptions?

This custom figurine has perfectly been manufactured according to the designs of the brand and makes entirely bespoken. This is what people like to carry around as it is entirely unique. The fact that this custom figurine comes in a retail set makes it more exclusive and adds value to the product being sold as people normally do like to receive free gifts.

Moreover, the fact that this custom figurine has been featured in a really common and popular inflight magazine such as the Cathay Pacific, means that it will have great exposure to the public and many brand managers will remember this incredible idea to customize their own gifts.

This set can easily be customized additionally by using thicker and high end packaging boxes to be able to raise the value of the promotion and gain more attention. The custom figurine can be me made out of plastic but due to high moulding fees we normally recommend the acrylic option which involves lower setup fees.

If you are looking for creative ways to add value to your promotions, please get in touch with our in house design team Mindsparkz for a unique brainstorming session completely customized to your brand.