Nameplates or badges are a must-have office accessory. They can be made from metal, plastic, or a combination of both. They are very useful in the workplace, airports, hotels, restaurants, airlines, and hospitals. As the name suggests, custom magnetic name badges are name tags with a magnet attached at the back of the plate.

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

What we like about these custom magnetic name badges is that they have plastic inserts and the tags can be customized and personalized whenever needed. The plastic insert serves as a protection for the tag.

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

The magnets, on the other hand, makes it easy for users to attach and remove it to their uniform. As such, it eliminates the need for pins, thereby creating a seamless and elegant look.


Why Should I Invest In Custom Magnetic Name Badges?

1. Make Staff Personable

In the hospitality industry, it is very important to make sure that customers know who they are interacting with. As it is important to make guests and customers feel valued, name tags and badges are one way your staff builds a connection with them. Not only do name badges help improve your customer service and build awareness, but they also lend a professional touch to the staff’s overall look.


2. Identity and Integration Into Your Company

Using name tags makes it easy for new staff to introduce themselves and easily become part of their team. This also helps eliminate that awkward introduction phase, thereby fostering camaraderie and feeling of inclusion easily. Not only are they ideal for corporate settings, but they are also useful for trade show marketing, volunteer works, events, and seminars.

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

Custom Magnetic Name Badges


3. Accountability

When we visit a store and you wish to speak with a sales representative, we instinctively look for their name badge. Therefore, nametags are essential in providing accountability for all staff members.


4. Build Brand Awareness

Unlike ordinary nametags, custom magnetic name badges feature your company. This way, customers know which company you are affiliated with. This may also serve as a conversation starter, by making customers feel more comfortable asking questions regarding your services or products.


5. Look Professional

Custom magnetic name badges give your staff a more professional look. This way, you establish your company as professionals that customers can rely on. When employees look professionals, they feel good about themselves, they become more accountable for their actions toward customers and carry their company name with pride.

Custom Magnetic Name Badges

Custom Magnetic Name Badges



To Sum Up…

Custom Magnetic Name Badges with plastic inserts are surely a great addition to your business. Whether you want to create a harmonious working relationship between employees or want to improve your services, these badges are an inexpensive way to achieve them.


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