Racking your brains for a good gift idea for your customers? Why not give them a plastic folder!

A plastic folder helps to organise by keeping papers in categorised segments. It is made to fit papers of A4 size, or any other sizes which you might require. Made out of plastic, the folder is waterproof thus protecting its contents from the rainy weather.

Gift Idea- Plastic Folders

Why plastic folder as a gift idea?

The main reason is that a plastic folder is a practical gift idea. When choosing a gift idea, it has to be useful for all. A plastic folder is an item needed by most people and hence, having it as a gift idea would be a practical choice.

Another reason is that a plastic folder has low production cost, especially if you are sourcing in China. The product is using plastic and elastic bands, which are relatively low cost materials. Also, the plastic folders can be mass produced leading to economies of scale and therefore the cost per plastic folder is economical.

Finally, a plastic folder as a gift idea can be used over a long period of time. A plastic folder does not go out of trend or becomes unwanted as it is a basic necessity for most people. Hence, the company would not have to constantly think of new ideas. Instead, this gift idea can be used for a few years.

Benefits of this gift idea

The company logo can be printed onto the folder. Not only does this act as a form of advertisement, it can also improves brand recognition and encourage repeat purchases.

This gift idea appeals to many customers and draws them to buy from you. This causes a growth in sales, leading to greater profits.

Who can use this gift idea?

This gift idea is not limited to any industry or any specific type of company. However, companies that sell stationery such as Typo or Popular can make good use of it. These companies can give the folder as a gift with purchases of stationery.  Other companies may also give the plastic folder as a gift with purchases of their items or just as a gift to clients to improve customer relations. Alternatively, schools can give them out to students during special occasions such as children’s’ day.