With Valentine’s Day coming up very soon, The Good Things Singapore is having a giveaway from 22th January 2013 to 21st February 2013. With a minimum purchase of SGD$60, you would be able to receive a Philippi Dan Photo Keyholder for free!

An edgy concept store, The Good Things offers an eclectic concoction of the unconventional and making itself the destination point for like-minded fans of individual, idiosyncratic beautiful things and lifestyle. The Good Things offers a playful assembly of gifts, keepsake trinkets, personnel accessories, home décor, toys and gadgets spawned from a far flung collective of international brands evoking originality, eccentricity, design-centric and retro comebacks.

Giveaway by The Good Things

Why did The Good Things use the Photo Keyholder as a giveaway?

A photo keyholder is a meaningful gift for occasions like Valentine’s Day as you get to keep photos of your loved ones by your side. With this concept in mind, The Good Things aims to connect you and your loved ones this Valentine’s Day so that you can see each other’s faces while you are busy at school or work.

Other brands like Precious Thots can also make use of the photo keyholder as a giveaway on this very special day as it serves as an appropriate and significant gift for all.

How can this photo keyholder help to increase sales for The Good Things?

With this meaningful and unique gift, consumers would have a deep connection with the brand and their memories of Valentine’s Day would be linked to The Good Things whenever they see photos of their loved ones on the keyring. This aids in brand recollection as one would remember and think of the brand whenever they see the keyring.

Consumers would be intrigued by this good quality giveaway and end up introducing The Good Things to their family and friends which serves as an advertising tool for the company through the use of word of mouth. With consumers spreading news about the brand, more people would come to know of The Good Things and this helps to increase sales for the company.