Celebrating your company anniversary reminds your customers and prospects that, whilst others have come and gone, your company is still flourishing.

If you are celebrating a milestone year, now is an amazing chance to remind the industry of your company’s past success by celebrating your anniversary with a promotional campaign. Giving out promotional gifts will boost morale of the employees and at the same time encourage them to put extra efforts to achieve more goals.

Company anniversaries can also be pretty elaborate occasions and early planning is important. Depending on how big your company is, brainstorming of ideas can start as early as 3-4 years before the anniversary takes place.

The kind of promotional products given out is important and some common promotional ideas are

These items can bear the distinct logo and can be it printed, embossed, or logoed in great number of ways.  Maybe a new mould can be opened for a truly unique promo.

How about a birthday cake like on this blog?

For pointers on how to choose promotional products, do visit- How to choose a promotional product. Key points are to celebrate positive change, milestones and growth.