A Mini Air Ionizer is great for purifying the air in your car and emits a soft glow in the dark.  There is an aromatherapy function which can be adjusted to give off the fragrance of your choice.  It dispels smoke, formaldehyde, benzene and poisonous gas discharged from vehicles.   CE and ROHS approved and very high perceived value

The ioniser is especially good as a promotional gift since infectious diseases such as bird flu or H1N1 are so prevalent these days.   Laser engrave your company’s logo on this ioniser and your clients will remember your business for years to come.

Technical data:

  1. Power source: car cigarette lighter 12V/DC, 110V240V/AC, 50(60 )Hz (optional);
  2. Power: 0.8W
  3. Negative ions: 3000000 pcs/cm3
  4. O3 ≤ 0.02 ppm
  5. Aromatherapy form: Liquid curing; Flow out automatically